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About Us


We care passionately about serving the people we work with, ultimately impacting communities.

With Heart was started to overcome challenges in the NPO sector.
Namely, NPOs lacking business skills, staff needing support, and a
lack of knowledge of how to make organisations sustainable and
attractive to Donors.

We are led by
Linda & Yolanda

Linda has worked in the NPO sector for over 25 years. She is passionate about the role of NPOs and communities in building a better world. Linda cares deeply about the psychosocial support and skills needed by people engaging in the challenging working conditions of NPOs. She provides mentorship and guidance to With Heart

Yolanda is a graduate of Nelson Mandela University, and passionate about Community Development. She has worked fervently to change the lives of people around her and is being mentored to become the CEO of With Heart.

Our reason
for being

With Heart builds prosperity by being of service to Donors, NPOs and their beneficiaries.

We increase Donors’ Return on Investment (ROI) and enhance the important work that NPOs do by developing sustainability, supporting staff and building efficacy.

Our emphasis is on trust, learning, growth and development, both personally and as an organisation.

We believe in caring for our clients, each other and selves through practising deep listening.

With Heart finds authenticity to be imperative to prosperity, and fun to be essential to fulfilment.

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